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Our Anti-Piracy Policy

The staff at Kentech Inc. has worked many long and difficult hours to create our Kipware® software ... and we take unauthorized copying, distribution and other software piracy that reduces our financial benefits from our work VERY SERIOUSLY. As a result ... we have a copy protection solution and policy in place that works extremely well ... as long as everyone cooperates and "plays by the rules". We have many articles available in this Knowledgebase to educate and instruct our clients on the system and the necessary measures that must be employed to "play by the rules." If you cannot find the appropriate answer in this Knowledgebase ... please submit a SUPPORT TICKET FIRST when you have any doubts regarding our software licensing or software protection. Failure to comply by our anti-piracy rules and maintain your software license may result in UPGRADE or ADDITIONAL SEAT charges.

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Common Installation Instructions

Below are some common installation instructions for installations delivered via download :

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When I start the software ... Nothing Happens

One common installation problem is caused by the Microsoft Windows .NET framework being out of date. For some reason, Microsoft does not include the .NET Framework upgrade as part of it's Automatic Windows Upgrade. No matter how new your PC is ... the .NET required to run all Kipware® applications on your PC may be out-of-date.

How Do I Know?
If you have installed the software ... requested, received and input your Activation Code ... and when you go to start the application NOTHING happens ... just a blank screen ... YOU NEED TO UPGRADE THE .NET FRAMEWORK. Sometimes ... but rarely ... other issues have been reported where the application does run, but form load or other issues are reported by Windows. We suggest performing this UPGRADE ... it only benefits your PC for other applications ... as a first step.

How Do I Upgrade the .NET Framework?
Instructions for accomplishing this FREE and backward compatible upgrade from Microsoft is included in all download emails. In case you missed it ... here it is again :

You may need to UPGRADE the Windows .NET framework currently running on your PC ... this is FREE upgrade from Microsoft. Below is the link where you can download and install the latest .NET Version 4 framework required by this Windows application. The .NET framework is "backward compatible" which means any applications running older versions will not be effected by this upgrade.

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I can't obtain a REMOVAL CODE and my software is LOCKED

We cannot stress enough that it is the responsibility of the user to maintain the Kipware® license. The LICENSE is identical to a hardware lock or hasp ... think what would happen if you lost your CAD/CAM hardware key. It's the same thing.

The main maintenance task is REMOVING the license prior to upgrading major hardware / software on the PC on which it is installed. Scenarios covered in this Knowledgebase Article :

  1. The PC has failed / crashed and now the software has been installed on a new PC ... the previous LICENSE was NOT REMOVED and no REMOVAL CODE can be obtained.
  2. You have replaced major hardware or software on the PC without REMOVING the LICENSE first.

Unlocking your Kipware® software to operate on the PC under any of the above scenarios will require a new ACTIVATION CODE. The ACTIVATION CODE originally supplied was based on the hardware / software make-up of the PC on which it was installed. The PC make-up is now different ... or the entire PC is different and thus the original ACTIVATION CODE is not valid.

Steps to Resolve the Above Situations :

  1. Submit a SUPPORT TICKET describing the scenario under which the license has become invalid.
  2. Our SUPPORT STAFF will review the Ticket and forward additional options to resolve the situation.

Possible Charges That May Apply :

  1. If the software is over (2) years old ... the recommended scenario is to purchase an UPGRADE to the latest version. This will enable you to use the latest versions of the software and all companion applications ... and will provide you with (2) new seats. UPGRADE pricing can be reviewed here : UPGRADE
  2. If this request has been made multiple times in the past ... or the software is being used in an unstable environment ... ACTIVATION INSURANCE is available. Pricing information is available here : Activation Insurance
  3. If our Support Staff deems that the scenario exists due to total user disregard by the user for our software protection policy ... ADDITIONAL SEAT or UPGRADE charges may apply. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the Kipware® license.

The first best step is always to SUBMIT a Support Ticket and outline the scenario under which the license has become invalid.

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My OLD Activation Code doesn't work

ACTIVATION CODES ARE UNIQUE FOR EACH PC ... The unlock Activation Code that was provided for your Kipware® software was calculated based on some of the hardware and some of the major software on the PC on which it is installed. This Activation Code will ONLY work on the computer for which it was provided ... every PC requires it's own unique Activation Code. Thus the "copy protection" and "seat" nomenclature.

HOW THE SOFTWARE PROTECTION WORKS ... the software protection wrapped around all Kipware® titles is tied to the hardware and some of the major software on the PC on which it is installed. If you alter the major hardware ( hard disk, operating system, etc.. ) the license will become invalid. You should REMOVE the license prior to making any major changes to the hardware or software of the PC where the Kipware® software is installed.

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I LOST my original installation file ... and need to re-install my software.

It is the clients responsibility to maintain a copy of the installation file for their Kipware® software. We do not maintain legacy installations. The only installation file we can deliver is for the current versions of the title. If you do not possess or cannot locate your original installation file ... you will need to purchase an UPGRADE for the title. Software UPGRADES can be purchased in our secure OnLine Store HERE.

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My PC crashed ... how do I get it up and running?

Below is information that pertain to a situation where the PC where your Kipware® software was installed has "crashed". Below are some FAQ's that apply to this type of situation :

  1. We allow for ONLY ONE PC "crash" per year. You should insure the software is installed on a stable PC in a stable environment.
  2. The Activation Code is tied to the hardware and some major software on the PC where it is installed.
  3. First ... Any Activation Code previously supplied will not work on another PC ... it will only work on the PC for which it was originally supplied.
  4. If you have made major hardware or software changes to the PC ... for example, replaced the hard drive ... the previously supplied Activation Code will no longer work ... you will need a NEW Activation Code.

Below are instructions to get your Kipware® software back up and running :

  1. Create a SUPPORT TICKET through the Support Ticket System ... if applicable, Kentech Inc. Support will supply a REMOVAL CODE.
  2. You will then need to INSTALL the software on the new or revised PC.
  3. Clients are responsible to maintain a copy of the original installation file ... whether downloaded or supplied on a CD. If you do not have the original installation file ... UPGRADE charges will apply to obtain a NEW installation file ... which would be for the latest version of the title(s).
  4. INSTALL the software.
  5. Once installed ... the first time you try to run any of the titles you will be presented with the Registration Screen ... that contains your PC's unique MID and SITE CODE.
  6. Using the link below ... SUBMIT that MID and SITE CODE along with the REMOVAL CODE obtained from Kentech Inc. to obtain a NEW Activation Code.
  7. CLICK here to jump to the Re-Activation Form
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When your PC "crashes" ... and hardware or major software is replaced ... the Kipware® License will most likely become invalid. We do provide for (1) "crash" re-activation in a (12) month period ... a "crash" re-activation being for a License where no REMOVAL CODE can be obtained. This is at our discretion ... and is part of our anti-piracy policy. For clients that operate their Kipware® software on an unstable PC or in an unstable environment ... where more than (1) "crash" can be expected in a (12) month period ... we recommend purchasing our Activation Protection Insurance. This purchase will allow for the issuing of up to (3) Activation Codes in a (12) month period for which Removal Codes cannot be obtained. Activation Insurance can be purchased through our OnLine Store HERE.

If multiple "crashes" and constant requests for new Activation Codes are received from the same client ... the requests may be denied for ant-piracy reasons ... and UPGRADE or ADDITIONAL SEAT charges may apply.

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Log-In Passwords created for the Kipware® CLOUD must pass our security criteria. The criteria is :

  1. Passwords MUST be at least (8) characters in length
  2. Passwords CANNOT contain your account of full name
  3. Passwords MUST contain (3) of the following (4) character groups :
    • English UPPER CASE characters ( A-Z )
    • English LOWER CASE characters ( a-z )
    • Numbers ( 1-9 )
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (such as !, $, #, %)

Users can RESET their PASSWORD at any time while logged in to their cloud environment by following the steps below :

  1. Log into your cloud environment using your current PASSWORD
  2. While in the desktop ... select the Ctrl-Alt-End keys at the same time
  3. Select CHANGE PASSWORD and follow the onscreen prompts.
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If you are having issues logging into the Kipware® CLOUD or have misplaced your Password ... it may need to be RESET. An authorized Kentech Support Agent is the only one that can RESET your Password. Please SUBMIT a SUPPORT TICKET and explain the situation ... making sure to include your contact information ... and the agent will RESET your Password and forward the new log-in via email.

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