Kipware Machine Shop Business Software


Kentech's Intelligently Programmed SoftWARE

Kipware Quoting & Estimating Software

For over 25 years, Kipware® Business Software from Kentech Inc. has been helping manufacturers of all sizes create accurate and profitable estimates. Our Kipware® Business Software titles strip out the clutter and the so-called "features" that only serve to drive up the cost and complexity of other software packages. Our Business Software packages are created using our unique blend of metal cutting, CNC and machine shop experience.

Using a database system KipwareQTE® brings conformity to your estimates as well as accuracy. KipwareCYC® also uses a user configurable database system to accurately determine your machining cycletimes quickly and easily. KipwareTRK® tracks your estimates and allows you to analyze and determine needs for changes and improvements in your estimating process. Basically Kipware® Machine Shop Software allows you not only to win more work but win more profitable work.

Kipware® is proudly created ... developed ... and supported in the U.S.A.